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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Keep Your Crazy Head on Straight

The tattoo has now entered its extra thick and crusty stage. I desperately want to pick at the scabs. Instead I’ve been layering on the long sleeve shirts and forcing myself to ignore the incessant itching.
First thing this morning I checked out the weather online and was greeted with this headline: “Coldest Halloween in 4 [...]

As the Sunrise Dispels Darkness

Five good things:

I used to dread Daylight Savings, but falling back didn’t throw us off too badly this year.
One of the light bulbs in the dining room needs to be replaced. This morning the little man was convinced that some nefarious evildoer had entered our home in the night, with the sole purpose of rendering [...]

It’s My Body and I’ll Cry If I Want To

The arm is healing but it’s going to take a little time. Yesterday I very carefully took a bath. This morning I’m desperate for a shower but I just know that’s going to sting like a mofo. Oh well.
As usual we have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us. While the little man has an [...]

Wincing the Night Away

Today was my 33â…“ birthday. I didn’t get a chance to listen to any vinyl, but I did get my Kraken! It had been over ten years since my last tattoo, and it was at the hands of the very same man. I am so glad I went back to him. Sure, there was a [...]

Safe to Feel Exaltation

Five good things:

Further proof that the little man has me wrapped around his little finger…yesterday we went to Ragstock, where I bought a big fluffy pink prom dress and a glittery crown/tiara. Yes, I am dressing up as Princess Peach for Halloween after all. The photographs may be too frightening to post.
Speaking of photos, I’ve [...]

One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time

Now for some randomness. Just yesterday the little man declared a moratorium on sandwich slicing. For the time being he would like his PB&Js to remain whole and unmolested.
Thursday night NYC’s MooShoes will be the place to be, what with their 5th anniversary and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World release party and all. Now [...]

We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol

Took a few vacation days last week, but I haven’t been relaxing exactly. I’m not so good with the sitting still. I haven’t had a quiet night at home since last Monday (not that I’m complaining). Let’s recap.

Wednesday night: Was still in Duluth. The delightful Starfire and V-Nick invited me over to their amazing [...]

An Imaginary and Indefinitely Remote Place

We’ve temporarily relocated to Duluth and guess what? We do have wi-fi up here. So much for unplugging from the matrix. But we packed and left in such a rush I left behind some crucial items. Such as:

The book I’m reading
The Thank You cards, from the little man’s birthday, that I still need to finish [...]

Uniting Spaceship Earth

As a long-time vegan (read: dirty hippie) I’m sure I fit the profile…of a Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap user. Admittedly I have bought the stuff before. Mostly for the entertainment value of the crazy label (he called it “the moral ABC”). But now someone has made a documentary about the man behind the vision(s). It [...]

Mutually Assured Disruption

Things could be much, much worse. We are okay. Life is just going to be a little extra complicated for a while. But we will break on through to the other side. Not that I expect it to be all rainbows and prancing unicorns when we do, but it will all work out in the [...]