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Keep Your Crazy Head on Straight

  • The tattoo has now entered its extra thick and crusty stage. I desperately want to pick at the scabs. Instead I’ve been layering on the long sleeve shirts and forcing myself to ignore the incessant itching.
  • First thing this morning I checked out the weather online and was greeted with this headline: “Coldest Halloween in 4 years!” Nooooooooo!
  • So how many costumes does one kid need? On Saturday the little man was the green Power Ranger, though it looked more like Boba Fett. At school today he is Spider-man (it isn’t for Halloween, it’s “dress up as your favorite book character” day - riiiiiight). Tonight he’ll be Luigi for trick-or-treating. Dang, is he ever spoiled.
  • This morning he woke up groggily and proclaimed “my brain is tickling me.” At least his brain wasn’t tickling me. That would have been weird.
  • I found out there is wireless access at the little man’s bus stop this morning. That is just wrong.
  • I brought the lad’s foam pirate hat to work today, but it’s making my forehead all sweaty.
  • Today will bring a special secret surprise. I’ll report back tomorrow.
spider bag

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