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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Blood and Glory

Kept things pretty low-key over the weekend. A couple of decent meals out, at Bagu Sushi & Thai (tasty) and at Foxy Falafel (delicious). Saturday was spent deep cleaning all day at home - totally overdue and so satisfying. And breaking for pumpkin carving and pumpkin pie making in the evening. My usually lazier Sunday [...]

One Sunset Further Behind

Just two more weeks and we can put this awful election behind us. Every election cycle seems to start earlier and irritate me even more. This time around not only do we have the presidential election (yes, I’m voting for Obama again despite his moral relativism) but in MN we have two bizarrely harmful amendments [...]

No More Beyond

Two funerals in less than two weeks. Unbearably saddened by the murder of my friend and former brother-in-law. Heartbroken for his wife and their children and anyone who knew this incredibly energetic and charismatic and genuine individual. Cut down at forty two years of age, due to someone else’s untreated mental illness.
Since it all unfolded [...]

The Theme of Absence

Have you all heard the hullabaloo about IKEA’s catalog in Saudi Arabia? NO WOMEN IN IT. They were photoshopped out. It has spawned this meme which involves taking well-known photographs and replacing the women in them with IKEA products. Brilliant.
Five other items that elicit a range of emotional responses:

The softspoken Rodriguez was featured on yesterday’s [...]

Directionless Fury

Usually I love October. The fall weather, backyard fires, all things pumpkin-y. But things have been pretty heavy on the sad so far. Actual life and death tragedies that aren’t in my immediate family but close enough they are weighing heavily on my mind. I find myself spending a lot of time worrying about those [...]