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One Sunset Further Behind

Just two more weeks and we can put this awful election behind us. Every election cycle seems to start earlier and irritate me even more. This time around not only do we have the presidential election (yes, I’m voting for Obama again despite his moral relativism) but in MN we have two bizarrely harmful amendments on the ballot. One that would attempt to legalize marriage inequality and another voter restriction. Amendments the MN GOP couldn’t really care less about but were designed to lure more Republican leaning voters to the polls. So transparent. And so hateful. This coming weekend there will be two nights of benefit shows at the Triple Rock Social Club. Proceeds will go to MN United For All Families and TakeAction MN, who have been leading the charge to defeat these ridiculous amendments. Come on out!

How about five good things?

  • This is how it’s done, people. Maxipad Brand Goes for Blood in Brilliant Reply to Facebook Rant: Blunt apology for years of false advertising
  • Recently I was nerding out over the new teaser poster For Edgar Wright’s ‘The World’s End’ - can’t wait to see an actual teaser from the movie. “The film centers on a group of friends attempting to complete an epic pub run, after failing to do so during their youth. But as they try to reach the fabled The World’s End Pub, realize that this trip is much more than a bonding experience.”
  • The whale that talked. Captive beluga was able to mimic speech (sort of).” Maybe a little spookier than good, but still. Neat. Just don’t listen to it before bed like I did. Such extra weird dreams.
  • It’s a gloomy, rainy morning in the Twin Cities. But perfect for listening to the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor release - ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!.
  • My bald boyfriend gave me a good laugh this morning when pointing out an op-ed piece about the “baldists” and rampant “baldism” out there. I have long been opposed to unnecessary goatees in particular and facial hair neglect in general.

Somehow I completely missed the recent Twin Cities Film Fest. Oops. But one of the featured films I’d wanted to see, Silver Linings Playbook, is being released soon-ish. And I scored advanced screening passes for it. The trailer looks surprisingly good and not just because I’ve adored Jennifer Lawrence since Winter’s Bone. But I’m sure that doesn’t hurt.

funny boy

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