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No More Beyond

Two funerals in less than two weeks. Unbearably saddened by the murder of my friend and former brother-in-law. Heartbroken for his wife and their children and anyone who knew this incredibly energetic and charismatic and genuine individual. Cut down at forty two years of age, due to someone else’s untreated mental illness.

Since it all unfolded I’ve spent a lot of time thinking. Though my brain locks up in “DOES NOT COMPUTE” mode when I realize Eric is dead. Of course when thinking about it gets to be too much I resort to escapism. I’ve plowed through so many books lately. Our cabin getaway up North this past weekend came at just the right time. No internet. Hardly any phone reception. Really cut off, away from it all on an island for a few days. It was just the thing. Friday night I sat on the deck, overlooking Lake Superior, while lasagna baked in the oven. I listened to the waves crash against the shore while reading a Sarah Vowell book and drinking a glass of Bull’s Blood. After dinner we played a Back to the Future card game with my son. After he went to bed we watched a Sonny Chiba movie, by the fireplace. Saturday morning had an odd start. A knock on our cabin door when we were still in our pajamas. Jehovah’s Witnesses! Getting away to an island isn’t far enough to keep them at bay? Later we went into town where sellers had stands up, peddling various wares. I ate a “wapple” cone. We would have played mini golf but it was closed. We decided to drive around the entire island (14 miles long, 3 miles wide) and go hiking. The boy opted to hang out at the cabin while we did so but I’m glad he enjoyed the cabin, even with its lack of wi-fi.

Five good things:

So, Sunday we began the drive back home. My son got a kick out of riding in the car onto the ferry (both ways - as did I) but I wasn’t ready to leave the island. Still, it wound up being a gorgeous day for a drive. I’d hoped to have lunch at the Angry Minnow in Hayward, WI. Alas it was inexplicably closed. And their web site and Facebook pages don’t list hours of operation. I wanted to try the perch & chips dammit! Instead we drove on, hungry. As we approached the next big town we saw “Spooner Blows!” spraypainted on a bridge deck. After the meal we consumed at a family style restaurant, I was inclined to agree. Temperatures rose the closer we got to the Twin Cities. Once we got into St Paul I was shedding SmartWool layers left and right and even threw open the windows at home. The cats were happy to see us. And today we tripped and stumbled back into our regular routine. Hopefully we can see to the rest of the week with a little more style and grace.

awkward posing

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