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The Theme of Absence

Have you all heard the hullabaloo about IKEA’s catalog in Saudi Arabia? NO WOMEN IN IT. They were photoshopped out. It has spawned this meme which involves taking well-known photographs and replacing the women in them with IKEA products. Brilliant.

Five other items that elicit a range of emotional responses:

  • The softspoken Rodriguez was featured on yesterday’s episode of 60 Minutes and can be seen here.
  • An interesting piece about how Polaroid helped to make porn personal, and more. I’m ordered a copy of Instant: The Story of Polaroid.
  • I am so disappointed that instead of protecting whistleblowers the US government is labeling them enemies of the state. The strange case of Julian Assange continues.
  • Now that my son is a teenager - and on the autism spectrum - I get to fill out fun things like the “Transition Planning Inventory Home Form” asking questions about whether or not he understands things like, oh, reproduction. That was a fun conversation. In some ways things were simpler before he could speak. But life is progress. Forward momentum go! Speaking of parenting, Dave Engledow’s ‘World’s Best Father’ series with his daughter Alice Bee has been getting a lot of attention lately. And rightfully so.
  • I adore this glitzy glammy fab video for “(They Found Me in the Back of) the Galaxy” by The Intelligence. Perfect thing to brighten up this gloomy Monday. Alas, I won’t be making it out to their show at the Triple Rock tonight. I need to get to bed instead. BORING.

Turns out my son had a pleasant weekend with his bio-dad. I went out of town unexpectedly for a funeral (a fairly standard Lutheran service that closed out with Norman Greenbaum’s classic from 1969, Spirit in the Sky - and that was what triggered my tears). But the boy was still able to attend the comic book convention, where he scored some Tick, Batman and Adventure Time comics. And later he attended his first roller derby bout. He wants me to take him next month. Will do, kiddo, will do.

Clint, so cute

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