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Directionless Fury

Usually I love October. The fall weather, backyard fires, all things pumpkin-y. But things have been pretty heavy on the sad so far. Actual life and death tragedies that aren’t in my immediate family but close enough they are weighing heavily on my mind. I find myself spending a lot of time worrying about those who are directly affected (I’m respecting their privacy hence the vague-ness about it).

Moving right along. Five items of note:

Daily life is busy as ever. And I have to figure out a way to squeeze in twelve visits a month to the YWCA, in order to qualify for reimbursement from my health insurance company (and for my general well being anyhow). But I’m also taking my son to a new psychologist next week, way out in the suburbs, who we’ll likely be visiting every other week. And I’ve got several freelance photography jobs lined up for the near future. Too much. All the time. Counting down the days to our next weekend cabin getaway.

Field Trip Day 2012

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