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Monthly Archives: September 2008

A Lifetime Isn’t Nearly Long Enough to Figure Out What It’s All About

For today yet another list of things that tickle my fancy, because my brain isn’t operating on any other level.

I found a kraken tattoo that I may like even more than my own. See the bottom left image, under Works on Skin. Gorgeous.
Season two of Pushing Daisies premieres Wednesday night. To build some buzz about [...]

An Alienating, Absurdist World

It was a strangely long and grueling week, considering it started out with two vacation days. But it was a week peppered with bad news and pain. And a free screening of Eagle Eye. Not sure which category that falls in.
Five (or so) items of note:

Enjoying Deerhoof’s Dummy Discards A Heart. And Daniel Johnston’s [...]

More Information Than You Require

Well, at least I know what’s happening with my left eye now. Posterior vitreous detachment, or PVD. Doesn’t that sound lovely? My primary symptom has been photopsia. There’s a slight risk of retinal detachment, which would require laser treatment, but the doc thinks I’ll be able to wait it out over the next several weeks. [...]

Singing From the Same Page

All of my cohorts are finding it tricky to adapt to civilian life, post-ATP. Personally it’s not just my sleep schedule gone topsy-turvy, but real life in general that is giving me the crazy. While I was making dinner last night my fairly new ceiling fan made a popping noise as the light went out [...]

Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

Five days without internet access. Not only did I survive, I may have even thrived. Now I’ve got the internets back and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Too many stories to tell and far too many photos to sift through. I’ll post just one tidbit for now. I met Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher after their [...]

There is No Charge for Awesomeness

The little man turned nine today (nine years ago we both looked a tad bit different). His birthday party was yesterday. I had several outdoor activities planned. Naturally it rained. Thankfully some grownups came up with the idea of making paper airplanes. And there was fun with balloons. And Kung Fu Panda masks. And a [...]

Now Fear is Trying to Pull Down Your Pants

Driving around my city last weekend I spotted remnants of the RNC everywhere. Mostly just groups of pylons clumped together on street corners, but I also watched the media circus tent being pulled down. Other folks have much more vivid reminders than that. Like the RNC protesters who were injured by police.
Monday afternoon was spent [...]

A Citizen of the Now

Rather than contributing to anything RNC-related (planned protests or unpermitted events) I rode the week out in RNC-avoidance mode. As much as possible anyhow. I couldn’t get away from the choppers hovering overhead in our neighborhood or the frustration when all routes over the Mississippi River - and to our house - were blocked off [...]

The Vitality of Shared Experience

Yesterday the lad and I enjoyed the tail end of the Liberty Parade, then high-tailed it out to the burbs for his first ever visit to the Drive In. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel but the car was parked. The boy clung to consciousness much longer than I expected - all the way [...]