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An Alienating, Absurdist World

It was a strangely long and grueling week, considering it started out with two vacation days. But it was a week peppered with bad news and pain. And a free screening of Eagle Eye. Not sure which category that falls in.

Five (or so) items of note:


Bonus: I didn’t watch the presidential debates last night. My choice has already been made and I don’t need that sort of aggravation. But a co-worker just launched his own campaign’s site last night. More to come there.
Plus: Watching 24 for the first time ever. Interesting that the first episode, aired in 2001, revolves around the first African American presidential candidate (I realize this is only news to me).
And: The Babes in Bikeland alleycat race is happening today. Many of my special lady friends will be participating, but I will be otherwise engaged.

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