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Singing From the Same Page

All of my cohorts are finding it tricky to adapt to civilian life, post-ATP. Personally it’s not just my sleep schedule gone topsy-turvy, but real life in general that is giving me the crazy. While I was making dinner last night my fairly new ceiling fan made a popping noise as the light went out and the fan blades slowed to a stop. If it’s not a blown fuse I’ll need to call the electrician back. But I already spent a half hour on the phone with T-Mobile tech support - after which they admitted they’ve got no idea why I can still receive text messages but not send them. Then I was on hold for the triage nurse at my clinic. For the last week or so I’ve been having these weird ocular/acephalgic migraines where I see raver-like orange lights flashing in my left eye. It could be fun if it weren’t so worrisome. And dealing with my ex-husband just makes me sad. But at least I didn’t contract the ATP virus. A few folks have come down with a nasty cold/flu bug. Speaking of bugs, there were reports of bed bugs from some of the other hotels. Ewww.

I’m trying to focus on the happy happy. Yesterday I sifted and sorted and posted the best of my New York photos. My Rude Bear pix are definite faves. And thinking about Rude Bear dancing away to EPMD makes me smile.

Tonight I was going to finally see Burn After Reading, but some co-workers have extra passes to a screening of Eagle Eye. What the hell? The company will probably be better than the movie, and hey, it’s free.

I’m seriously bummed that I forgot about the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. while in NYC, but that just gives me an excellent excuse to go back with the little man. Though Charlie the cross-eyed kitten will likely be a full grown cat by the time we get there.

Charlie, the cross-eyed cat

Bonus: LOLCats, now in print.
Plus: The photos of David Ray Carson, especially his Lonely Places On Cruise Ships series. So good.
And: There are two awesome shows happening tonight: Monotonix at the Uptown Bar and Vaz at the Turf Club. Alas I am going to neither.

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  1. Maria wrote:

    Hey lady! I was tagged in this web log awards thing, and lo and behold! have given you an award. You should read my words of praise :)

    P.S. I miss you! Will be purchasing XMas in January tickets soon. Likely MLK Weekend . . .

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

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