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Monthly Archives: March 2007

In the Moment

Lately I have consumed a veritable glut of media. I’d like to read a few more books, sure, but what I really need is more time out in the world. I’m not the boy (or girl) in the bubble. Sometimes I fall into a rut and have to pull myself out of hermit/homebody mode, but [...]

Harnessing Conversational Energy

I’m thinking about ditching my landline. My anti-telephonic tendencies are catching up to me. The phone hasn’t rung in well over a week (but it’s still working, I tested it). My cell has seen more recent activity. But not much. Even the little man’s teachers mostly contact me via email. Speaking of communication…I’ve had to [...]

Extracting Sunbeams Out Of Cucumbers

The windows are open. It’s been weird hearing birdsong and barking dogs again (and bickering neighbors). I love airing the house out but we seem to have skipped through early Spring and taken a nosedive right into Summer. 80+ degrees? Insanity! The last couple of days the little man and I were outside in t-shirts, [...]

Geniuses in the Art of Living

This week was intense but full of accomplishments. Met with a tax accountant. Went to the little man’s parent/teacher conference. Had my annual review at work. Things are looking up, all around. It smells like Spring out there. We’ve been hitting the playgrounds. And I’ve officially called an end to my hermitude. Thursday night I [...]

Flying Wishes On Kites

For years I tried to get hold of one of the 1000 Journals, to make my mark (which would’ve been in the form of a photo collage, or a collaboration with the little man, or maybe both). The project was so popular this proved impossible. But now there is a hardbound book containing entries created [...]

Raining in My Heart

When I was drifting off to sleep last night I found a strangely repetitive sound insinuating itself into my consciousness. Eventually I forced myself to get up, to investigate. The culprit? Mother nature. Turns out it was raining. I guess it had been a while since we’d had any rain. Earlier in the evening, when [...]

The Awkward Pause

Yesterday was a better day. We had a pre-St. Patrick’s Day party at the office, which the little man thoroughly enjoyed. And when I arrived home Armchair Apocrypha was waiting for me. And two nights in a row? I managed to sleep straight through. 10:30pm-6am. The most sleep I’ve gotten in ages. A friend knew [...]

The Strength to Put on Pants

Poor James. At least his pity party gave me a pretty sweet post title. And honestly, I’ve hardly been able to summon up that strength myself lately. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day. For the little man too. Earlier one of his teachers sent me a very sad email about yet another incident in [...]

Transcending Ethnic-Morphological Differences

I haven’t been sleeping well. Or maybe I should say I’ve been sleeping more poorly than usual. Stress has my head pounding and my stomach in knots. I look and feel like hell. But yesterday we did get out for some quality playtime in the record-breaking warmth. I’m going to try to focus on the [...]

Marching Ahead

In the “too much of a good thing” department, I don’t think my poor body is ready for the next level. Yesterday morning I was so pleased to find the gym nearly empty, due to daylight savings, that I took my workout up a notch. Or two. Or maybe three. After my standard block of [...]