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Monthly Archives: May 2018

What a Feeling

What a weird holiday weekend. We managed to blend plenty of productivity with loads of downtime, which was solid. But there were plenty of frustrations as well. Between the mold problems in our home, excessive heat and air pollution warnings plus high pollen alerts my lungs are burning. I feel like I’ve been huffing paint [...]

Three Strikes

The housing and rental markets have gotten really tight in Minneapolis. Not much is available and what is for sale or for rent is more expensive than ever. So I recently renewed our lease for another two years. The duplex I’ve been renting for the past four years has been relatively comfortable for my son [...]

Accessibility = Inclusion

At this time last year I was in Denmark. I was there with work for several wonderful days before taking the train to Berlin (a train that loaded on to a giant ferry to cross the Baltic Sea before popping back out onto train tracks), then I flew to Edinburgh and took a train to [...]

Hitting the Homestretch

Hard to believe my son’s senior year is coming to a close so soon. He is reaching one of those endings that will be a big beginning. Adulthood. Technically he reached the age of majority last Fall, when he turned 18. But the boy has got a lot to learn. This afternoon we met with [...]

Galaxy of Women

Growing up I was terrified of women. So much so that I didn’t want to become one. My role models were lousy. The women in my immediate family belittled one another, ganged up on each other, tore each other apart. They taught me to be afraid of everything and to trust no one. I walked [...]

Chasing the Clouds Away

Twenty nine years is a long time. But these particular memories are incredibly vivid and visceral. I feel them, stored in my body. On this day - May 9th - in 1989 my brother Tom died. It has been a dozen years since I wrote this piece about him. It all still [...]

Full of Splendor

Parenting is a strange business. Since day one my heart has regularly felt full to bursting. Sometimes more than others. This week it’s been about to leap out of my chest. Thursday we had another transition-to-adulthood IEP meeting at the school. Multiple teachers emphasized how well liked my kid is by all students, which led [...]

Caught in My Eye

Life is better in my 40s than it was in my 30s. My 30s were far better than my 20s. And my childhood-to-teen years were pure trauma and terror. But there are aspects of adulthood that are more difficult than in my youth. Particularly fitness and health. I take relatively good care of myself but [...]