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What a Feeling

What a weird holiday weekend. We managed to blend plenty of productivity with loads of downtime, which was solid. But there were plenty of frustrations as well. Between the mold problems in our home, excessive heat and air pollution warnings plus high pollen alerts my lungs are burning. I feel like I’ve been huffing paint thinner or nail polish remover. It hurts. Yesterday we took my Dad to see the Solo movie, which we all enjoyed, but we did not enjoy emerging to 100 degree heat which quickly developed into an End of Times looking storm.

On a more tragic note, Sunday night a fire completely destroyed the Roberts Shoes building, displacing dozens of artists who had studios and homes there. Just awful. A displacement fund has been set up. Contribute if you can. That’s been on my mind a lot. Especially after seeing a lot of friends and acquaintances posting their remembrances of the space.

After that downer it’s hard to stay positive. But I’m back at work today and my son is back at school (with just three days of high school left). So let’s roll with it, with Five Good Things:

  • The news coverage around the Solo movie has been oddly negative. My dad, son and I enjoyed it (especially Donald Glover as Lando). And I’ll agree that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s L3-37 is one of the best Star Wars characters ever.
  • This is from the end of 2017 but still relevant, and a great read: The Women Who Run the “Star Wars” Universe
  • Somehow I forgot Mary Ocher was playing the Entry last night. I’m sad I missed it but I was so wiped out from yesterday’s weird heat I turned in early anyhow. Woke up to photos of her show in my social media feeds. At least it served as a reminder to listen to her The West Against The People album while working today.
  • I stumbled on an older episode of The Kitchen Sisters podcast I hadn’t heard before. It’s a fun one. Prince and the Technician: “In 1983 Prince hired LA sound technician, Susan Rogers, one of the few women in the industry, to move to Minneapolis and help upgrade his home recording studio as he began work on the album and the movie Purple Rain.”
  • It’s nearly June, which is usually one of my favorite months of the year. This one will be particularly eventful. I’ll be photographing a wedding, my son will be graduating from high school, my Dad and I will celebrate another one of our shared birthdays and it’s time for me to organize another Pizza Farm adventure. Soon.
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