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Full of Splendor

Parenting is a strange business. Since day one my heart has regularly felt full to bursting. Sometimes more than others. This week it’s been about to leap out of my chest. Thursday we had another transition-to-adulthood IEP meeting at the school. Multiple teachers emphasized how well liked my kid is by all students, which led to him being voted Homecoming King last Fall. He’s equally friendly to all students and staff. He’s not clique-ish or judgmental. He doesn’t care if someone is seen as cool or not. His Health teacher said she randomly partners kids for projects and my kid is always happy to work with whoever he gets paired with, while some students roll their eyes and groan when they get paired with someone they think is lame. That said, my son is also too trusting and concerns were raised about him potentially being vulnerable/taken advantage of by manipulative jerks. He’s come such a long way since he was a little man that I opted not to apply for legal guardianship after age 18, but I realize we have a lot more to do to support and safeguard him and work on his self-advocacy skills.

In less serious but also important news, tonight the lad is attending his senior prom with a classmate. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve done a lot of prep. Purchasing a nice suit and having it tailored, buying a new pair of Vans, a dress shirt, undershirt, and dress socks and he’s had a haircut and beard trim. I haven’t met his date yet but she had better let me take plenty of photos!

Five Good Things for Saturday:

High school graduation is just weeks’ away. And I’m getting nickel and dimed to death by the school. Suddenly there’s a $35 graduation fee, on top of the senior party fee and the exorbitantly priced prom tickets. Anyhow, I’d had this on my calendar for ages, to figure out a graduation party plan. Then suddenly it was May. I realized I’d rather not host it at our place and managed to get one of the last pavilions at Minnehaha Park on a weekend in June. Phew. Now to figure out the catering.


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