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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Equal Parts Silly and Scary

At least I know my home security system works. Or the monitoring service does, rather. Sort of. Yesterday the living room motion detector went off while I was at work. Police were dispatched and found nothing. But I wasn’t notified immediately. Instead the ex-husband and my parents received phone calls. Buh? I’ve made sure my [...]

The Texture of Daily Life

Yesterday the little man and I took a spontaneous trip to the MN State Fair. Conditions were perfect and we had a wonderful time, but were completely wiped out afterwards. The lad asked “is today Saturday or Sunday?” When I replied that it was still Saturday he sighed and said “I want to do [...]

Gee My Life is a Funny Thing

Five awesome things for Friday:

Jemaine Clement’s latest project brings me so much joy. Watch the featured video and listen to the Cyborg Harpies clip.
I adore my Mr. Bento, but it’s strictly a functional thing. These bento lunches are all about the cuteness factor.
One week only, watch Reformat the Planet, a documentary about chiptunes/gameboy and game [...]

Possibilities of Change

Let me make something clear. Despite some bumps in the road, I am generally happy. Not just resigned to my lot, but content. I’ve overcome some challenges and am still working through others. There are ups and downs. Some days are better than others. But this is the human condition. Life is like this for [...]

My Head Full of Stars

One month from today I will be elsewhere. It’ll be a very busy weekend. Events happening locally and other stuff not far from home, like the Fast Forward Music Fest in Madison, WI. But I will be in New York. At All Tomorrow’s Parties. Plane tickets have been purchased and childcare (grandparents) lined up. Still [...]

Bottle Up and Explode!

The episode of This American Life that aired over the weekend was painfully perfect for me. Break-Up: Stories from the Heart of Heartbreak. When did I become a walking cliché? Oh, the shockingly contradicting feelings. Tonight the lad asked me to call my ex, to inquire about their plans for tomorrow. I nodded, took [...]

The Merry-Go-Round of Rotating Knives

Dealing with people can be so painful. Everyone knows this, but I seem to re-learn that lesson over and over again. People I trust show themselves to be unworthy of that trust. Which leads to my disappointment (but not surprise). And my desire to stay home and hide from the outside world. Hopefully my hermitude [...]

A Tendency to Cause Trouble

Five things that totally suck:

I dropped my new cell phone. Into the toilet. Yep, now I’m that guy. And I wasn’t even talking to or texting anyone at the time. Managed to yank my SIM card out and pop it into my old phone, but I’m not sure if the new one will work again [...]

Flowers of the Future

My lovely friends, Emily and Taylor, are getting hitched next year. I am not anti-marriage when it seems like it can work, and in their case I think it will work magnificently. Right now they are wrapped up in wedding plans. Yesterday they asked my dear child if he would like to be their ring [...]

Sort of Okay-ish

It’s been weird times as of late but I’m doing all right. Though I’m way behind on sharing with the world the things that entertain/amuse me. Let’s double the fun with ten good things (instead of my usual five). List begins after the squinty Adam.

Vegan tentacle cake!
Things Younger Than John McCain: Scrabble
The sheer joy of [...]