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Gee My Life is a Funny Thing

Five awesome things for Friday:

  • Jemaine Clement’s latest project brings me so much joy. Watch the featured video and listen to the Cyborg Harpies clip.
  • I adore my Mr. Bento, but it’s strictly a functional thing. These bento lunches are all about the cuteness factor.
  • One week only, watch Reformat the Planet, a documentary about chiptunes/gameboy and game system music.
  • The new Punch Pizza is set to open on the little man’s birthday. And he wants to eat at Pizza Luce the day before. And have a pizza farm adventure the day after. PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA!
  • Feels like I haven’t had enough time to cook lately but yesterday I got caught up with the Vegan Yum Yum blog and was inspired. Some time soon I want to make these Miniature Napoleons with Eggplant Creme. But last night I whipped up a batch of sandwich spread using shredded zucchini, fresh garlic, steamed carrots, vegan mayo, lemon juice, salt and pepper then spread that on baguette with sauteed mock duck. So good!
Matt, tongue tattooing himself

Bonus: File under truly bizarre: ELA Learns Why You Should Never Trust a Cube
Plus: As always, there’s plenty going on in town this weekend. The grand re-opening events at Eclipse Records began last night and go through Sunday night. Tomorrow night there is the 30% More Commercial/PUNY gallery show opening at First Amendment.
And: The lad and I hadn’t looked at Cute Overload together for a while, so we lay in bed this morning ooohing and ahhhhing over adorable creatures. My faves were the tiny velvety platypi. And yeah, I got suckered into ordering a 2009 Cute Overload desk calendar.

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