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The Texture of Daily Life

Yesterday the little man and I took a spontaneous trip to the MN State Fair. Conditions were perfect and we had a wonderful time, but were completely wiped out afterwards. The lad asked “is today Saturday or Sunday?” When I replied that it was still Saturday he sighed and said “I want to do nothing tomorrow.” Wise kid. And that is exactly what we did. Or didn’t do. Especially since we’re both in seasonal allergy hell - and out of antihistamines. But we did console ourselves with episodes of the Jackie Chan Adventures, available via hulu.

this guy always has "Fair Hair"

Bonus: The Umbrella Academy comics have been quite popular. So much so that they may be getting their own line of toys. But I’m even more excited by the Apocalypse Suite limited edition hardcover.
Plus: Yesterday I picked up my prescription from the eye doctor and plan to order some new glasses online - these and/or these - but I don’t know my damned pupillary distance. Annoying.
And: Another question recently posed by the lad, “do toads ribbit?” Hmmm, I’m not sure. What do you think?

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