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Equal Parts Silly and Scary

At least I know my home security system works. Or the monitoring service does, rather. Sort of. Yesterday the living room motion detector went off while I was at work. Police were dispatched and found nothing. But I wasn’t notified immediately. Instead the ex-husband and my parents received phone calls. Buh? I’ve made sure my cell phone number is at the top of the list now. When I did go home to check things out nothing was amiss. Very curious.

Now for five good things:

day 238, decapitated

Bonus: The sitter is coming tonight so that I can attend the Eight is Enough/Obama benefit at the Turf Club. Also planning to join the Liberty Parade on Sunday and the Take Back Labor Day event on Monday.
Plus: In RNC-related news, sounds like St. Paul cops and Minneapolis cops alike are cracking down on photographers, in the name of Homeland Security. Disheartening but not surprising.
And: Mizna presents DAM - Palestinian hip hop - at the Cedar Cultural Center on October 18th. Would love to go, but I’m already headed to the David Sedaris appearance the next night. We’ll see.

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  1. JasonC wrote:

    i hear ya on the hulu addiction. i think i’ve seen every office/arrested development/always sunny episode 5 times. *puts computer down and slowly backs away*

    Monday, September 1, 2008 at 5:48 pm | Permalink

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