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Monthly Archives: May 2005

There’s A Lot To Be Said For Not Saying A Lot

Still alive, but my ass has been kicked. It was an exhausting yet satisfying holiday weekend. Details to come. For now, photos here.

Abandon The Search For Truth; Settle For A Good Fantasy

Last night I tried to keep occupied. Busied myself by taking the little man to have his hairs cut, and spending too much money at the co-op. Went home and made three different dinners (not all for myself). But as 10pm rolled around, I rolled into bed with the sad knowledge…that I was missing [...]

I Have A Bad Feeling About This

I have discovered, to my displeasure, that the little man is highly susceptible to peer pressure and advertising. We don’t watch television at home but he does at daycare, and returns with gems like “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!”…pause…”Mommy, is Trix yogurt vegan?” That would be a big NO (and even if it [...]

High Kindness, Low Order

Scattered thoughts on a Monday morning… It was a decent enough weekend. Didn’t get to everything I would have liked to, but maintained a fair balance between: work and play; meals eaten in and meals eaten out; new Star Wars and old Star Wars. Thanks to some helpful reader advice, and a different paint [...]

A Malevolent Whirlstrom Of Angst And Twee

The good, the bad, and the ugly… Good news for the little man and I…Xelias is having Saturday and Sunday afternoon performances after all. Their site has no information about scheduled performances, and the Art-a-Whirl site just posted content like, yesterday (with events kicking off today). Glad I checked back there. Also good news, [...]

What Is Right And What Is Easy

This bathroom painting project has turned into an every other day sort of thing. Sunday afternoon I did the ceiling. Tuesday evening I primed the walls. But it’s not because I am so anal and want to ensure the paint is really really dry between coats. Oh no. It’s because my body just isn’t [...]

The Economics Of Paint

Whenever I have a bad idea I really run with it. This weekend we didn’t have any obligations. Nothing planned other than recuperating from mild illness, and relaxing after a typically busy week. But when I got home Friday evening I saw that our new toilet, which is very nice, happens to be slightly [...]

Doomed To Retire Into Relative Inactivity?

Yet another week went by in a blur. It’s Saturday, we’re all home, all awake, kinda sorta together…and I’m so overwhelmed by this that I’m immobilized. And still wearing a towel, for heaven’s sake. I guess the first step would be to get dressed. And then…the possibilities are endless. Before then, however, it’s time [...]

This Constant Shifting Of Concentration

Today I woke up to a crapass combo of cold weather and a head cold…and an inability to concentrate (on anything other than my general achiness). Needless to say, I’m still in my pajamas. I would quarantine myself from the guys, to keep from infecting them, but I already kissed the little man on [...]

She’s Got The Looks That Kill

This morning I got my hair ready in a hurry. It’s least favorite among my morning preparations. Managed to get it dry, and somewhat straightened, but it was all ratted out, 80s-style. An unintentional side effect of my hastiness, I swear. But for some reason I decided to smear on some lipstick as well, [...]