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The Economics Of Paint

Whenever I have a bad idea I really run with it. This weekend we didn’t have any obligations. Nothing planned other than recuperating from mild illness, and relaxing after a typically busy week. But when I got home Friday evening I saw that our new toilet, which is very nice, happens to be slightly more narrow than the previous one. And there were ragged edges all around it, exposing the plaster and bare wall. So my oddly wired brain settles on a spur of the moment painting project. But I didn’t pick up supplies until Saturday afternoon, and didn’t begin prepping the bathroom until yesterday. While waiting for the spackle to dry I did get everything cleaned up, taped off, and the ceiling painted…in Sunshine Yellow. The walls will be Lime Pop Green. I was leaning towards Appletini, but feared it might be too dark for such a small room. Naturally I’ll post photos of the end result. In the mean time it will be a week without showers (but not without bathing) and extreme soreness as I use my muscles in new and exciting ways. My neck may be stiff, but at least I managed to paint the ceiling without dripping on my hair or glasses, as the husband had feared I would.

Yawl know about Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out? Woke up this morning with her cover of I Can’t Reach You stuck in my head. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Woke up to the little man jumping on top of me, but as I gained consciousness I noticed that song was on repeat in my brain. Not the worst earworm, but still.

Much of the little man’s behavior is puzzling, but for the last couple of years he has occasionally repeated the odd phrase “swiper, no swiping” over and over again, at random. The mystery is partially solved now. Apparently it’s a line frequently used on Dora the Explorer. But I have no idea where the lad would have seen the show.

Bonus: A brilliantly conceived homemade Domokun cover for the iPod mini. If I had one I’d be grinning like a fool all the time (rather than my current proclivity for grinning like a fool some of the time).
Plus: If I were a guy I would so totally buy this. It’s just too…perfect.
And: After a weekend of partying in Seattle with Receptionista, Chuck returns home to an article on the front page of the Pioneer Press. Swanky.

dirty old radiator
pink spackle
vibrant yellow