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I Have A Bad Feeling About This

I have discovered, to my displeasure, that the little man is highly susceptible to peer pressure and advertising. We don’t watch television at home but he does at daycare, and returns with gems like “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!”…pause…”Mommy, is Trix yogurt vegan?” That would be a big NO (and even if it somehow were, yuck). But the peer pressure came into play recently…with the release of Revenge of the Sith (which I saw Friday night incidentally, and I was, naturally, disappointed with it. Jonathan articulates this far more clearly than I ever could). Not long ago I tried to get the little man to watch Star Wars: A New Hope, but no. He put up with it for a few minutes before asking to watch Galaxy Quest instead. But now he’s suddenly become interested…because his classmates are showing up at school with new Star Wars swag. We watched the entire trilogy together over Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (thankfully we don’t own any of the prequels). He is such a fickle boy. The other day he was begging for a baby sister. Now he’s beseeching us for a light saber instead. But not a toy one. Oh no, he wants a real light saber.

I’ve been lucky in that, for the most part, my line of work doesn’t make me physically ill. Not so yesterday. Needed to take some screen grabs, in Windows, from some video files. To that end, I had to temporarily disable hardware acceleration. After doing so, the flickering of my monitor made me dizzy and sick to my stomach and, before long, I actually blew chunks. Thankfully I was working from home. But why am I such a delicate flower (a real petunia, or so the husband says). IMAX theaters have always been out of the question for me. And Katamari Damacy, a game I adore, is off-limits. It’s amazing I haven’t had a seizure, with all the anime I’ve watched.
Bonus: The official photo gallery of Baron von Raschke, the man behind The Claw (via Barrett Chase).
Plus: Pants and Whimpers - a cautionary tale. I’m going to sound like an old codger, but they just don’t make stuff like they used to…which is one reason why I stick to thrift stores and ebay for my dry goods.

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