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Mysteriously Quiet

I’m currently pondering questions that have been fleshed out elsewhere. Issues like “How public is a weblog?” and “Are we, as creators and publishers of content, afforded any rights to privacy?” It’s an issue of netiquette and a topic of great debate. It’s long been of interest to me, but recently hit too close to home. Via usage logs and an intrusive email my suspicions have been confirmed. That we have a most unwelcome visitor to this site. Someone who has, thankfully, not played an important role in my adult life. By my choice. Still trying to figure out the best reaction to this intrusion. With the mad chaos of my daily life, combined with the approach of hectic holidays, any extra little thing threatens to push me over the edge. It’s hard to suppress my knee-jerk “Calgon, take me away” reaction. (You know, they still make that stuff. I used to mercilessly mock those commercials when I was younger, but now I totally understand.) But I’m not going away. Nope. Not going anywhere. This site has been an enjoyable outlet for me, and for friends and like-minded folk who seem to appreciate it. Obviously I’m a fairly open person. But there are limits. This person has repeatedly pushed me past them. And is again attempting to test them. And should now gracefully turn around and walk away. Or slink away. Or run. And stay the hell away.

So. That said. I’ll carry on in fine tradition with a bit more blather. Been enjoying some non-Dune Frank Herbert. After coming late to the Harry Potter books I finally saw the first film (doh, forgot to return it) over the weekend. Enjoyed it well enough, though I thought the constantly swelling music was a bit obnoxious. Hopefully the second film’s score is a bit better. Currently listening to an odd mix of music. John Brown Battery’s “the only normal people are the ones you don’t know that well“. Ani’s collaboration with Utah Phillips, “The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere”. And the Flaming Lip’s “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”. Speaking of music, J and I managed to attend the long-anticipated Low show on Saturday. It was lovely, as was the newly renovated Pantages Theater. Though I’d had the tickets for weeks, it was a last-minute scramble to find appropriate guardians for the little man. The usual suspects were either attending the Low show, or incapacitated by flu and/or colds. But some fabulous friends came through…and the little man is still raving about his wonderful evening. Again, many thanks ladies.