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Amazingly Quiet

You got me, I’ve been swiping my recent headlines from the weather forecast. Thank you Paul Douglas. My excuse? A higher-end headache on the verge of becoming a low-end migraine, combined with a lingering low-grade cold. The combo has been robbing me of any creativity I may possess. Glamorous, no. Pathetic, yes. I’m hoping, against all odds, that my personal cold front will clear up miraculously by tomorrow. We’ve got one action-packed day ahead of us. As usual everyone wants to see the lovely little man. And who could blame them? So we’ll be schlepping ourselves all around town, all day long. At least we’ll be well fed. The highlight of the day will be the last stop on our list…the site of a vegan extravaganza which will offer up a homemade tofurky (better than store-bought any day), pumpkin pie, my bbq tofu, J’s apple galettes, and much much more. Current conditions: the office is a veritable ghosttown, so I’m hoping to head out early and hit the co-op. Yes, I should have prepared ahead of time. It would have been wise to obtain the necessities last weekend. Or at least on Monday night. Or even last night. Well, maybe not last night. I’d wanted to get home well ahead of Buffy, so that wasn’t an option. Rambling now. Must stop. And make ready to leave.