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Identity Can Be So Gelatinous Sometimes

Now and again I check in at Whedonesque, to see what’s new with Joss Whedon and his projects, of course, but also to keep tabs on Whedonverse alums. Which is how I found out that Nicholas Brendon, who was Xander on Buffy, has a new show…one that will be on in the same time slot as another new show featuring Alyson Hannigan, who was Willow on Buffy. Ouch. Truthfully I doubt I’ll be watching either, as I pretty much quit watching teevee after Angel and Wonderfalls went off the air. But I did watch one clip of Willow…I mean Alyson’s new show, How I Met Your Mother. A clip in which the former Doogie Howser proclaimed that Lebanese girls are the new half-asian girls. Well hot damn, if that’s true I guess I’m in luck. Oh wait, just because the husband isn’t here right now doesn’t make me any less married, huh? Speaking of the husband. When the man left yesterday he took with him the book I was reading. The one that I bought at Uncle Hugo’s…and was only halfway through with. Now I desperately want to know how it all turns out and I’m finding that the other books I have on hand are inadequate substitutes. It’s going to be a long week.

Bonus: If we did have television reception, I’d be watching the Guns, Germs, and Steel miniseries on PBS. Read some of the book a while back and found it interesting. But not interesting enough to finish, apparently. Sadly I have a short attention span when it comes to works of non-fiction.
Plus: I know everyone and their brother has linked to this now, but how could I not love a book containing nothing but photos of Japanese Robot Toys. Though I made the mistake of showing it to the little man who doesn’t want the book…he wants the robots. And who can blame him.