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Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder

I’m just going to pencil in a nervous breakdown starting, oh, tomorrow. You see…the husband is leaving me. For an entire week. It’s his first ever business trip. And it’s coinciding with the start of kindergarten at the little man’s new school (it’s a year round program). For the first few years of the little man’s life I was a single mother, and I managed. I think I managed fairly well actually. But these last several years I’ve gone soft…with the husband around to help. So this week I’ll get a taste of doing it *all* again, taking over the tasks that have fallen to the husband…while trying to transition the little man and I to yet another new routine. Should be great fun. Other than that, we’ve been trying to keep cool…and visiting with friends and family who are in town.
Bonus: Remember our most favorite neighbors who we absolutely adored but moved away in May and broke our hearts? Thankfully I heard from those former neighbors on Friday. It turns out their new baby arrived a few weeks early, and he had a bit of a hard time at first, but he’ll be all right. Phew. So a big welcome to Encermo Chan! Can’t wait to meet him.
Plus: If you haven’t already seen it…the All-New Sesame Street.
And: Zophia’s been getting crafty as of late, and, armed with her awesome new book from Japan, might make me a stuffed coffee cup. Neat.

cabana boy
ordering breakfast at Seward Cafe
favorite peeps
big pink bunny
flower boy
walker glossies
droopy flower
at Lake Calhoun