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The Universal Themes Of Loss, Angst, Candy And Damp Clothing

Upon waking up this morning the little man was excited to go back to kindergarten today. That’s always a good sign. And his teacher…oh how I adore his teacher. She emailed me last night, to let me know that day one had gone well. Totally worth the mountains of paperwork required to enroll the lad.

After such a big day, the little man and I turned in early. He curled up with his teddy bear, I curled up with The Half-Blood Prince (my, that sounds rather sinister and/or naughty). It wasn’t quite dark yet when I was starting to nod off, but I was roused by loud noises. Over the whirring of the window fan I initially thought it was more thunder. But no. It was, inexplicably, fireworks, being shot off from Harriet Island. Naturally I got online and checked out the park’s web site, and the city’s, but there was no event listed on any calendar for this random Monday night. I watched the fireworks for a bit, but hated not knowing what they were in honor of.

How could I have missed this? Just last Saturday we were at the Oak Street, with little Dave, who pointed out a notice posted about Man With the Screaming Brain and said something about Bruce Campbell. I was too focused on popcorn acquisition for this to register. What is wrong with me? Just hearing the man’s name should have stopped me in my tracks. And now I find that the man, the myth, Bruce Campbell himself will be at the Oak Street, on July 27th. And I could have acquired my tickets already, along with the popcorn. Doh. Hopefully it hasn’t sold out yet. I can always attempt to swing by his book signing…for Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way.

Bonus: I’m curious about The Edukators, and not only because it features Daniel Brühl from Goodbye Lenin (a favorite film of mine). Looks like it’s getting a limited release, stateside, staring this week.
Plus: The husband surprised me by returning from his business trip bearing gifts, for both the little man and I. Haven’t taken pictures of the Playmobil swag yet, but I did snap off a few off my new book. Anyone who reads Japanese is welcome to offer up a few translations.