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Set Your Tongue To Stun

The internets lied to me. Last night I compulsively checked the Northwest Airlines site, to check the status of the husband’s flight. At 5:40pm the plane was estimated to land at 5:45pm. I figured that was a good time to leave the house…to give us about 20-25 minutes to get there, and for the guys to hit the baggage claim and be out on the curb. I figured wrong. We got to the airport in about fifteen minutes. And the guys were nowhere to be found. We looped around ten times. For about 48 minutes total, before acquiring our targets. Which means that we averaged about 4.8 minutes per loop. What’s more difficult to calculate is how much my crankiness levels skyrocketed with each circuit completed. It helped, but only a little, when the husband called my cell phone, around the 7th loop, to let me know they’d been so very close to landing at 5:45pm…but at the last minute had to pull back up, because the plane on the runway ahead of them hadn’t taken off in time. Doh. So while we were circling on the ground, they were circling overhead. I wouldn’t have minded so much…if I’d been feeling better, and it had been earlier in the day. Instead I was feeling craptacular and the little man wound up having his dinner and bath late, and got to bed over an hour later than I’d intended. And today is such a big day. You see, this morning marked the first official day of kindergarten at his new school. I do hope it’s going well.
Plus: Speaking of schooling and such, I’d really like to take these classes in the Fall…the Arabic Language for Beginners course even covers the Lebanese dialect, which is pretty awesome, but I already feel like I’m stretching myself too thin.

waiting for the the car