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I Like You More Than Ketchup

Summer GorgeFest ‘05 has now come to an end, as April concluded her visit with us early this morning. But last night we wrapped it up in style, at Galactic, with vegan cheese bread, two 14″ pizzas (one the Paul Bunyan, the other a Pizza Bianca), and three pieces of Muddy Paws vegan cheesecake. But that feast wasn’t consumed by just the two of us. We had a full party of six, including the little man (the kid can pack away as much if not more food than I can). One of our dinner companions happens to be very vegan-friendly, but not completely vegan. The little man questioned her about this:

“Are you vegan?”
“No, but I don’t really eat much dairy.”
“Oh, you’re real then.”
*laughter erupts*
“I mean, you eat real food.”

Where he got that from, I have no idea. I’ve tried more than once to explain that vegan food is plenty real…but each time I’ve been met with a blank stare. Sigh.
Bonus:Don’t be afraid to open up your world to someone else’s world.”
Plus: Be sure to check out The Hungry Cyclist.
And: Tonight, weather-permitting, The Triplets of Belleville will be shown in Lowell Park, downtown Stillwater.