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Time Now for Time Later

My new/vintage prescription sunglasses came in yesterday…purchased with a Spectacle Shoppe Groupon! My last pair were from three or four prescriptions ago. Amazing what a difference a current Rx can make. Too bad it’s been so gloomy out I don’t actually need to wear them right now. But if I did they’d look great and I’d be able to see super well.

Friday’s other five good things:

Earlier today I discovered the top-secret hidden location (read: on a shelf over my head) of the blue cotton candy at work. This will make my kid very very happy. And he was already in a pretty good mood this morning. I hope he’s warming up to his new school. His previous school was only in session Monday-Thursday, which we both miss. But the new school does have something pretty awesome that the old school didn’t have - a pool. True, it is only for the special ed kids. But because of his IEP he was able to go swimming today, and every Friday from now on. But that’s as exciting as our Friday will get. Eschewing other plans in favor of hunkering down at home for the night. Tomorrow will be plenty busy, with our friends’ wedding.

I am not a cyclops

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  1. Maley wrote:

    I need a new eyeball prescription/lenses that are not so scratched they resemble the moon’s surface in the wurst way. Congrats on giving yourself the gift of sight!

    Friday, September 24, 2010 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

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