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The Spark of the Divine

The season of my hermitude seems to have begun. I am happily in homebody mode. I could have arranged for a sitter last Thursday night, to see the Best Coast show at the Triple Rock. But I was content to curl up with cats instead and let my mind wander. Friday night I had the offer of a free kid sitter so I could attend a bachelorette party. I also had free passes to the Titus Andonicus / Free Energy show that night but, again, I opted to stay in. Seasonal allergies are to blame. But I have been feeling more creative. Had I gone out last night I would have enjoyed the School of Seven Bells show or, closer to home, Flaming Lips with Ariel Pink. But I’m still feeling under the weather…and trying to save some cash (and energy) for our upcoming trip to Chicago…to see Swans at the Bottom Lounge. Tonight friends’ bands are playing a free show at Memory Lanes but if I go to any show this week it would be tomorrow nights’ Grass Widow / Mother of Fire / Brute Heart bill at the Turf.

Five good things for this dreary yet busy Monday:

A random girly streak presented itself recently with my first foray into dry shampoos. Out of sheer laziness I opted to try the Blow faux dry, as it’s available via Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping. I’ve also heard good things about Lulu Organics but the price put me off, and Bumble and Bumble’s is formulated for specific hair colors. I have two-toned hair. An internet friend went on to review some other brands I hadn’t heard of (good to know there are some decent products available on the cheap) and some real world friends suggested Pureology’s antifade complex shampoo & conditioner for maintaining my hair color. I nerded out when I was able to buy some via, with a buy one, get one half off offer PLUS a 15% coupon AND free shipping. Must. Stop. Internet. Shopping. So it serves me right. A recent ill-advised insomnia-related purchase just arrived. And the damned thing is broken. Sharyn would SMASH but it’s already been done. Now to mess with the rigmarole of returning it, or to deftly employ a small amount of superglue?

Jon Tester's bad habit

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