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So You’d Like To…

Explore Erotic Power Exchange (BDSM)? Whah-huh? Further reinforcing my opinion that Neil Gaiman’s journal is not to be neglected, I nearly squirted beverage out of my nose when I came upon his most recent (April 28th) entry:
“I was amused, in a shaking-my-head sort of way, to hear that the buying info: Coraline page, in the new SO YOU’D LIKE TO section, pushes a lengthy (and not at all me or Coraline-related) article on Serious Bondage, Fisting and so forth. Amazon has got Coraline listed as a children’s book, which means that it’s probably happening elsewhere on Amazon and they are probably getting lots of grumbles from people whose kids are hunting for Harry Potter on Amazon and coming back asking what BDSM stands for, and is an Erotic Power Exchange anything like a Super Power Exchange? Oh well. They’ll fix it soon enough, I expect.”