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The Inner Beast Will Be Released

Maybe I should have dressed the little man up as The Hulk for Halloween. I don’t believe he’s ever been exposed to gamma radiation, yet sometimes I worry he’s turning into some sort of mini Hulk. He’s long had a problem with not knowing his own strength, but a couple of recent incidents lead me to believe the situation is getting worse. For instance, last week we were playing when I noticed his pants had a teeny tiny pinhole in one knee. I thought to myself “hmmm, self, better patch that up soon”. The next thing I know there’s a ripping sound and his leg, from knee to ankle, has busted out of the pants…leaving said pants irreparable. He looked as surprised as I was. I continued to observe him for some time…he didn’t seem to be mutating, but still. On another day he was goofing off in the bathroom. He likes to jump in and out of our clawfoot bathtub (in exactly the same way our fattest cat no longer can…hopefully he’s not doing it to make her jealous). We generally discourage this behavior, even when he is actually *taking* a bath. I went in to order him out of the bathroom, and to redirect his attention to his extensive toy collection. At that moment he leapt out of the tub and, for reasons unknown, ripped one of the towel bars from the wall…causing chunks of plaster to fall to the floor. Again, he looked as surprised as I was. At least he didn’t seem angry. I don’t think I’d like that.