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Spooky Action At A Distance

Upon waking this morning one of the first things I encountered was Sméagol. Not a face you want to wake up to. Luckily the little man’s adorable visage was an effective antidote. Still, I know what the husband and I will be doing tonight (thank you Dave and Huey-Ling!) though I doubt we’ll take it all in in one sitting. But you never know…we are already in hibernation mode. We spent most of the weekend, and yesterday, at home. More specifically in our computer room, recently dubbed the multi-purpose lounge. The husband’s futon-couch had been languishing in his parents’ basement. I’ve been putting it to much better use. Nearly two weeks ago we relocated it to the already crowded computer room, but instead of feeling cramped I think it’s cozier. So much so that I rarely leave the room. For one thing, it’s the warmest in the house (a good thing now, but it will suck come summer). It’s also become the best reading room in the house, for my books and the little man’s bedtime stories. I just finished “Ilium” last night, while curled up on the futon (can’t wait for the second volume of this epic adventure to come out). We’ve also been watching movies and listening to music on the husband’s computer…a machine far superior to mine. The Decemberists have been in heavy rotation lately, a band we’re both liking these days. And we’ve gotten in a good game or two…of Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. The long-suffering husband also attempted to give me a lesson in the use of my sewing machine, but I had my nose in a book. I’ll have to pay closer attention next time…if the husband is willing to repeat himself. At least he knows where to find me.

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