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On The Other Side Of The Screen, It All Looks So Easy.

The husband borrowed the 20th anniversary collector’s edition of Tron from a friend…who also threw in some raveresque glow bracelets. They make the perfect accessory for Tron-watching…a movie which is likely little man-safe, but after a couple of late nights the poor kid needed to hit the hay early. After putting him to bed we settled in to watch the movie on the husband’s computer (how fitting). We’d forgotten just how over the top cheesy it is. Yeah, I know…it’s an 80’s Disney flick, but damn. And then there are the extras…comprised mostly of interesting and entertaining stuff, but with a number of cringe-inducing clips to boot. Though I can’t help but look on this milestone movie through the lens of nostalgia. After all, I clearly remember when it first came out. It was at a time when my brother, Dad and I were spending a lot of quality time at Circus Pizza and Arcade, playing videogames and skeeball. But, blasphemer that I am, I have to say that Jeff Bridges will always be The Dude to me.