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The Buck House Stops Here

In an effort to redirect my crankiness, I’ve been tracking some non-household news. Sometimes I’ve got to bust out of my cozy cocoon, just for a little while. The past few days have been interesting ones…with the FTAA protests in Miami, the Shrub’s European vacation, and former senator Max Cleland’s blasting of Bush. First off, these undercover cops are way out of touch (obviously) if they think anyone’s going to buy their “disguises”. They look like they’re trying to blend in at a Dave Matthews Band concert rather than a protest. Secondly, the Chasing Bush site is brilliant. I’m sorry the Brits have had to put up with him…but we don’t want him on this side of the pond either. And finally, the Max Cleland interview:
“Former Sen. Max Cleland blasts Bush’s ‘Nixonian’ stonewalling of the 9/11 commission, his ‘lies’ about Iraq, and his flight-suit photo op on the USS Lincoln after ‘hiding out’ during Vietnam.”
I’m afraid it’s Salon premium subscribers only, which is unfortunate as it’s a good one. And about the Wacko Jacko business…I don’t even want to go there. Suffice it to say, I loathe having to share the planet with creeps like him and Bush. And sometimes I’m not sure which one of ‘em is worse.