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A Sledgehammer of Sweetness

This weekend had a mild case of the hiccups but was still mighty fine. Friday I’d intended to work from home all day but our wifi choked repeatedly. I am completely unable to work without the interwebs, unless performing some sort of interpretive dance will magically take care of my daily support elf/admin elf duties. This seemed unlikely so in to the office we went. At least going there is always fun and, on this day, it meant the boy and I were able to play with my co-worker’s lovely new dog, Luna. Five other good things:

  • Saturday my son woke to a snow-less scene outside. This only prompted him to put together the “ingredients” for a snowman, in a sort of Snowman Insta-KitTM, for the significant snowfall that will eventually come our way.
  • In the midst of Saturday’s tedious errand-running we popped by the Franklin Frolic. We greatly enjoyed seeing many friendly faces, scarfing down some delicious (and free!) vegan foods at Fast & Furless and picking up freshly minted Cake Eater Bakery t-shirts.
  • Today we visited with my Dad for the first time in months. While at his place I clarified some key plot points re: the Werewolf Cop novel I am basing on his experiences. I suspect he is both baffled and amused by this pet project of mine. But heck, he’s painting a portrait of me based on a creepy self-portrait I took so I’d say we’re even.
  • This afternoon we hung out with my old friends and all of their kids. At one point we were up to a total of nine little rascals in our group. Much of the time was spent with them taking turns on a giant trampoline. Outside. In Minnesota. In December. We are hearty folk.
  • Yesterday I discovered the Mad Libs iPhone app. The belly laughs it elicits from my son are unreal. So much hilariousness for us both. Another app I splurged on is CameraBag for Mac. Hopefully I don’t overuse the hell out of it, but the filters are just so much fun!

Naturally I’d already finished my holidaze shopping for the boy when the PERFECT gift presented itself. A Super Mario chess set. Hoping I can get the grandparents to pitch in for it. And I still intend to make paper snowflakes and send out holiday cards and maybe host a Festivus party but December always blows on by so fast. Before you know it we’re all hurting from the collective holiday hangover come January.

another cupcake shot

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