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My Day of Reckoning

Homeownership has caused me twelve years of hardship and heartache. There really is something to the annoying-but-true LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION mantra. I will mind that in the future. Thankfully that future will see us elsewhere. Likely closer to the boy’s school, his Dads, our friends and my workplace. I don’t know exactly where that place is just yet, but I have some pretty specific ideas. First I need to get us on the other side of this short sale business. My realtor is guessing it could be about six months from now. So close yet so far away!

A lot of folks could rightfully be having an “I Told You So” moment right about now. If only I’d listened to them back in 1999 this could have all been avoided (but who knows what other mistakes I might have made). My 25 year-old self was honed in on attaining her own version of the American Dream. And what an oddball one it has been. But it’s included a whole lot of amazing. And it’s only going to get better, with my return to renting and the easing of my burden. Before then I will continue stumbling down memory lane as I dismantle twelve years of our lives.

my wee wolfman

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