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I’m Dangerous Like That

I hadn’t been inside the Uptown Bar in years, but last night I stopped by to see STNNNG. They played last. The first band was one of Arzu’s projects, Spider Fighter. Not familiar with the other bands, and that’s all right. During their sets I spent some time chatting with folks. And that was good. I needed to be out. With people.

Tonight I may finally experience the spectacle that is Total Fucking Blood. I feel like I need to get it all in now. Not because it’s the end of the year, but because it’s the end of an era. J moves out next weekend. The house is a complete mess and I don’t know if it’s being made worse because he’s started packing…or if packing is more difficult for him because the house is in such a state to begin with (or both). Either way I haven’t had the motivation to do much about it. I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions - they are all doomed to fail - but I am making a note to self: next year, get house sorted. Also: get self sorted.

stretching my legs

Bonus: Innovative filmmakers who will blow your toddler’s mind (or pre-schooler’s, or grade schooler’s, or grown up friends’ minds).
Plus: The little man has lost yet another tooth. At least this has improved the symmetry in his mouth, but it may make chewing more difficult for a time.
And: One of the headlights went out in my new(to me) car. With a little assistance I was able to replace it, and now feel confident that I could do it on my own next time.

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