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Monthly Archives: August 2003

You’re Gonna Eat Lightnin’ And You’re Gonna Crap Thunder!

// Begin PSA Yes, another reminder. You’d be upset with yourself if you forgot, right? So here it is again. The delightful Deerhoof plays Loring Park tonight. Music begins at 7pm. Movie at dusk (approximately 8:45pm). The forecast calls for strong, scattered storms…but “Rocky” can’t get rained out, right? End PSA // In other [...]

Warning: May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Like most people, J and I have our quirks. But since I’m running this show I’ll delve into his for now (kisses). When I first met the man, many years ago, he drank a variety of beverages. A very limited variety, but still. Receiving his seal of approval were mango juice, root beer, orange [...]

Worse Than Sock Monkeys, And Therefore Better

Saddened by the news about Wesley Willis. Relieved by the ruling in Al Franken’s favor. Beguiled by the Non-Expert’s (aka Defective Yeti) Defenestrate Your Résumé! In love with stupid creatures, ugly dolls, and furilla. Amused by Monster Shirts, but too broke to have one made. Eagerly awaiting Tim Biskup at the Ox-Op. Agreeing that [...]

The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Wonderful

All right, I’ll fess up. Things aren’t all happiness and light around here. In fact, just last night one of my companions delivered a piece of news…that caused me to bust out rather loudly with “that motherfucker”. Doh. It wasn’t directed at anyone in the room…but still. If I’d had a bit more sleep [...]

It’s Like Adam Building His First House!

More of the same. Which for us, lately, is pretty danged good. Another day at the beach with the little man. Followed by shopping for his birthday party supplies (dinosaur theme this year) at a paper store that has its own play area. Very handy. Back home for some quality time watching the monkey [...]

More Shows Than You Can Shake A Stick At

Despite the early morning wake-up call the day is off to a fine start. Drank my coffee out on the deck, where it’s nice and cool…with a bonus breeze. I don’t want to get burned again…but according to the weatherman the heatwave has broken, for real this time. Temps and humidity are both supposed [...]

I Think I’m Hyper Enough As It Is

What an action-packed day. Took the little man to the Children’s Museum early on, to enjoy their a/c as much as their exhibits. Came home afterwards and lounged (my joy was premature, the heat hasn’t entirely abated). Then I was given the green light to go out. When I got home the husband (formerly [...]

Change Will Do You Good

I love my house…when it’s clean. And at a comfortable temperature. The past many days it’s been neither. It had been so disgustingly hot that I was rendered nearly useless. I felt so lethargic and ill yesterday that I skipped my morning cuppa, which caused some sick sort of synergistic effect. I found myself [...]

We’ll Weather The Weather

It’s still sweltering hot…with no end in sight. Some of us are weathering it better than others. I wouldn’t be part of that “us”. I’m cranky, tired and bored. Oh yeah, and hella hot. Last night we sought to take our minds off the heat by losing ourselves in the epic “Lagaan“. The little [...]

That Dweam Within A Dweam

Well, I never thought I’d do that. Again. This is a day that will live in infamy. I went and got myself hitched today. J and I had a very small, casual non-ceremony today…over lunch at the Seward Cafe. We drove there separately, not due to any superstitions, but because there wouldn’t be enough [...]