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Kick In The Eye

As I’ve mentioned, our lives have been jam-packed with minor irritations lately. Taken individually each incident would be no big deal, but the cumulative effect is incalcuable. Amidst all the frustrating, though, there is still the funny. Like last night, for instance. After one of his overnight shifts, the husband stopped by a 24-hour supermarket. At 4am he had an urge to pick up some cheap OJ and ramen noodles. But at the checkout the cashier informed him his check card had been denied (later he called his bank, who, it turned out, had just been experiencing computer problems). He wasn’t too upset as a) he had enough cash to cover some of the goods and b) he was still amused by something he had seen on his way through the store, in the produce aisle. A man, with a female companion, had taken some plastic bags, you know, the kind you pull of the roll to put produce in. He had tied one of them around the top of his head…leaving another twenty or so to follow behind him, like the train of some absurd wedding veil. Other store patrons attempted to surreptitiously check this guy out (the husband included). But not a one said a word about it, to him or each other. What a beautiful thing. It’s at times like these that I wish the husband had a cameraphone. Not that he would use it.
Bonus: Speaking of beautiful things…Buffmonster’s work is on display at the Ox-Op Gallery, but only through January 31st.
Plus: Turns out the fabulous Stephen Fry is a last-minute addition to the cast of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and will be giving voice to the role of The Guide. That makes me want to see it that much more. On opening day I am so there.