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Now You Tell Me

Apparently I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair yesterday…as it may have washed away all the good luck, from it being Chinese New Year’s and all. But dude, my hair was sooooooooo dirrrrrty. Still, I could have kept the grunge look for another day if it meant improving my chances on the “perfect part-time job” front. Been revamping my resume (with the stellar assistance of the lovely ladies) and have sent off a copy to a potential employer. One down, three more to go. Unless yawl hear of anything else that might be up my alley. Chuck’s already on top of it:

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those “fingerpaint at home” jobs.
Those are the BEST.

And I’ll be keeping my paint covered fingers crossed for that. Until then, kids, scope out whatever you can for Mama Mass Distraction…as long as it’s not creepy sounding, like some of today’s new listings. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to try my hand at “Fugitive Emissions Monitoring Technician” nor do I think I’m qualified to be a “Maturity Clerk”. Heh.