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Too Cool For School

So. I’m totally bummed about this, but we’re skipping class this morning. I’d be tempted to anyhow as it’s so freaking cold, but it’s more out of concern for the little man. The poor boy is losing his voice. It started failing him last night. It’s the saddest thing (but sort of cute), listening as he tries to squeak out commands. It’s much harder to do his bidding when I can’t quite hear him. Going to have to call the triage nurse, though, to see if this, combined with his lingering cold, merits a trek to the clinic. Last night I was concerned he had a fever because his cheeks were blazing red…but they weren’t hot to the touch. Took me a while to figure out it was just windburn, from our earlier adventure outdoors. The brief but agonizing moments heading from the house to the car (and the car to a couple of establishments, and back) were enough to make us both semi-permanently rosy-cheeked.