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Correctional Beatdown

Despite today’s “Dangerously Cold” designation, I decided it was time for a return visit to Lookout Ridge, our favorite pay-to-play indoor playground (we just visited the free one on Saturday). Unfortunately the little man and I got out to the car to discover the gas light on (big thanks to the husband, sheesh). So we had to make a quick stop to fill up the tank. Although I was heavily bundled up, the -10 degree (-35 windchill) air got to me in mere moments, causing an instantaneous case of brain freeze. Some primal self-preservation claxons started screaming at me to get my butt back in the car. Instead I slid my debit card through the card reader…then stood staring, in a daze, completely unable to operate the pump. With glacial slowness the necessary knowledge crept into my conscious mind, trying to drown out the warning bells. After what felt like an eternity in the biting wind I was at last able to complete the procedure…and return to the relative safety of the car’s interior. But not before having turned into a Sharyn-sicle.

the house could use a bit of work, eh?