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Dancing With Myself

Some Saturday afternoon rants and raves.
01: Why oh why did the WB do this to me? They’ve moved our favorite Saturday morning cartoon, The Jackie Chan Adventures, from 8am to 7am. Sure, the little man and I get up around that time of day, but if there’s any chance of the lad letting me lie in a bit longer, I’m taking it…Jackie Chan be damned. But it still bums me out. It was a new episode today and everything, but I just couldn’t get my butt in gear…to get downstairs and plant it in front of the teevee in time.
02: Thanks to Kottke I have another new addiction…I’ve been getting my word freak on with a decent online version of Scrabble. But you have to make sure to play the long version. The first version I came across didn’t use the official Scrabble dictionary…and didn’t even allow for plural words. Very frustrating. But the better version. Ah, bliss. Just cleared the board with a score of 559.
03: Freaks and Geeks is finally coming out on DVD. I am so stoked. But I just cannot fathom shelling out the $120 for the special edition, as much as I may want it. Right now I can’t even afford the “Deep Discount” edition. Sigh. Guess it’s time to sell more of my stuff on ebay.
04: Later this afternoon the husband and I are taking the little man to that beloved one-screen wonder, The Riverview Theater. It’s truly gorgeous, with the original late 40s interior largely intact and lovingly maintained. We’re meeting up with friends to see Elf, which should be fun. Last time I took the boy there he demanded his very own popcorn…and I kinda sorta caved. But today I’ve got backup, with the husband and friends coming along and all.