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Superluminal Speeds

The coming of February has lifted us from our funk…somewhat. The temperature, at fourteen degrees above zero, almost seems balmy. The little man and I went outside to play for the first time in weeks. So much snow had fallen since our last outdoor adventure that it took a while to locate the wayward sled. It was buried under at least a foot of snow. Unfortunately the stuff was too cold to properly sled on. It was all powdery and dry, disallowing the buildup of any momentum. Instead we kept getting mired in it, with the little man whining with impatience. Didn’t take long before we gave up on that entirely. I then made an attempt to teach the boy the fine art of snow angel making. While he found it amusing, seeing mommy lying flat on her back in the snow, he didn’t deign to join me. We settled on swinging together, on the creaky frozen swingset, bundled up with snowpants and all. But we had a good time.
addendum: Snow angels are nigh impossible to capture on film, digital or otherwise.

icicle laden bbq grill
snow covered swingset