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Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery, Right?

The husband was mocking me, as he does. This time about my photography hobby/habit. Guess I can’t blame him. We’ll be out and about when I feel compelled to stop and whip out my camera…every few feet or so. It’s worse if we’re in the car. If I’m driving I’ll pull over to capture something that’s caught my eye. If he’s driving, he won’t. But he’ll get to hear me complain endlessly about the missed opportunity. Even around the house every time he turns around I’m contorting my body to take a photo from an odd angle, down on the floor to shoot in macro mode, or trying to capture the little man, who is perpetually in motion. So the other night the husband started out mimicking me, by setting up random pieces of crap to photograph on the computer room floor. But then I could see his interest was actually piqued. He enjoys playing with and figuring out techie toys. So naturally he dug out the manual. The one that was still in the box…that I never bothered to open. The one informing me how underutilized my poor camera really is. The remote control was still shrink-wrapped. And the camera had never taken a panoramic shot. But the husband is changing all that, and putting me to shame. Sort of. While he’s got the technical aptitude, I don’t think he’s quite got the eye for it. Yet. That can be developed, with practice (I don’t want to discourage the man from enjoying one of my favorite pastimes). He even took the first panoramic shot, but it turned out sort of Escher-sque. See for yourself (click on the image below to launch a larger version). Expect further experimentation from one or both us in the near future.
the husband's panorama shot of the messy<br />
computer room