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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Everything That Rises

Tuesday night I’d reached a certain point…where a criticality accident seemed imminent. I love my son dearly but single parenting can be overwhelming at times. Frequent breaks are needed, even if OSHA doesn’t require them. I realized it had been nearly a month since I’d gone out, at night, to socialize with friends. And oh [...]

Shooting My Troubles Down

The boy was surprisingly excited to return to school today. So much so that he woke up at 5:11am, raring to go. I was somewhat relieved, knowing it wouldn’t be a struggle to get him back into his regular routine. But also a bit bummed out. We’d had such stressful days off together he was [...]

Lullabies of the Lost

Last Spring’s cleaning was focused on clearing out the basement. This weekend I finally tackled the upstairs. The impetus? A potential roommate. One who would be a welcome addition to our household. So I dug my heels in and started de-cluttering, just in case things work out. If not, at least I accomplished something. Over [...]

Human Beings Contain Multitudes

This holiday season had a few highlights, to be sure, but overall it was one giant clusterfuck. Still, I’m going to try to turn off my gloom and doom machine. Or at least hit the pause button. And since we’re only two days into 2009 I’m calling for a New Year’s Day do-over. Before I [...]

Vendors of Greater Things

Turns out the reprieve was only temporary. My deep dark mood has returned in full effect. I had a lackluster NYE, as expected, but I spent an unexpected amount of time pondering the cluelessness of men. Then to kick off my New Year’s Day I spent the morning on the phone with an old friend. [...]