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Vendors of Greater Things

Turns out the reprieve was only temporary. My deep dark mood has returned in full effect. I had a lackluster NYE, as expected, but I spent an unexpected amount of time pondering the cluelessness of men. Then to kick off my New Year’s Day I spent the morning on the phone with an old friend. One who is having her first child after years of fertility treatment. And the elephant in the room was actually acknowledged - my lost pregnancies. But it’s never easy to discuss. Afterwards I threw myself into some cleaning/rearranging in an attempt to snap out of my funk, but this afternoon I heard my son shout from downstairs. He’d managed to put his head through the front picture window. Remarkably he came away unscathed. But he was distraught. And I’ll be dropping a couple hundred dollars tomorrow to have the glass replaced. There go plans for a new TV to go with the Wii.

Hoping this dismal start to 2009 means things can only get better.

day 366, going out with a bang...or a sizzle

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