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Bead Me A Shimmering Dance

I’m not worthy…but Leslie Hall, the luminary behind Gem Sweaters Be Thy Name and mistress of disguise, has deigned to become my friend. Well, friendster friend, at least. I don’t remember how I first found her, but after my initial “what the huh?” reaction I dug deeper, and was well rewarded. In her Hefty Hideaway project a self-portrait of the artist, portraying a fictional character called June Huxley, struck me as being very Joan Cusack-like, circa Sixteen Candles. And the portraits of Boone and June (all taken at Wal-Mart) are brilliant. I’m sure Leslie is quite a kick in the head in person, but I may never know. Speaking of online VIPs, SXSW is coming up. Once again I will be unable to attend. But Chuck and Lori are stoked to go, especially after having learned the ropes last year. I’ll have to live vicariously through their reports, and rest assured that they will represent the Upper Midwest Blog Managers Association to the best of their abilities.