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Frozen Follies And Mythical Meltdowns

Sorry for the silence. Getting acclimated to the new schedule, and it’s still kicking our collective asses. I do seem to be getting more accomplished now, though, than I did when I had the entire day at my leisure. The time restraints are spurring me into action, as I’ve always been more productive under a deadline. This week I’ve been spending the mornings preparing for the husband’s birthday on Friday (honey, just never you mind…you’ll see soon enough…and sooner still, if the little man persists in trying to open your presents). The weather has been wonderful, but with the melting has come a certain amount of unpleasantness. Like newly formed lakes and thawed out trash on my route to the bus stop, and a new leak in the bedroom ceiling. We so can’t afford a new roof right now. Trying not to stress about it…and take it one day (and disaster) at a time. Today I’m just looking forward to this evening, when I’ll have a freshly made batch of BBQ tofu waiting for me upon my return home.